Le Cupcake Shoppe                                           phone: 412.254.4295
In store offerings include 15 to 20 various flavors of mini cupcakes, cake pops and other seasonal treats! A new menu is created weekly.  We post our menu to Facebook, just follow the link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Le-Cupcake-Shoppe/444152828930253

*For those calling in to order, we offer more than our signature minis.  You may chose from cakes up to three tiers in fondant or buttercream decor, doggy birthday cakes/pupcakes, cake pops, large cupcakes, chocolate covered oreos, assorted cookie trays and more. For small orders, call 3 days in advance. For large events, call two weeks in advance. For weddings, call at least one month in advance. 
(Some flavors are only offered seasonally. When ordering a flavor that is not listed on our daily menu, there is a 3 dozen minimum requirement  for minis and a one dozen minimum requirement on large cupcakes) 

French Vanilla
Chocolate Fountain
Red Velvet/ Blue Suede
Pink Almond
Chocolate Ganache
Cookies N' Cream
Mint Chocolate Chip
Salted Caramel
Pink Lemonade
Rocky Road
M&M Blast
Tin Roof Sundae
Banana Split
Peanut Butter Hi-Hat
Chunky Monkey
Banana Chocolate Chip Pancake
Fat Elvis
Maple Bacon
Toasted Almond Raspberry
Fluer de Sel
Stuffed Fluffernutter
Cookie Dough Craze
Banana Pudding
Chocolate Peanut Butter Dream
Chocolate Dipped Strawberry
Whitehouse Cherry
Raspberry Lemonade
Orange Creamsicle
Coconut Lime
Chocolate Malt
Java Chip
Boston Cream Pie
Coffee N' Donuts
Almond Joy
Chocolate Coconut
Key Lime Pie
Chocolate Salted Caramel
Hop Scotch
Chocolate Toffee Crunch
Cinnamon Apple
Caramel Apple
Hot Chocolate
Pink Peep
Shamrock Shake
Cajun Chocolate
Chocolate Potato Chip
Cinnamon Butter Pecan
Caramel Pumpkin Spice
Chocolate Covered Pretzel
Stuffed PB&J
Rice Crispies
Lemon Heaven
Lemon Raspberry
Lemon Blueberry
Maple Blueberry
Warm Brown Sugar
Fruitylicious Pebbles
Strawberry Cheesecake
Caramel Cheesecake
Red Velvet Explosion
Red Velvet Sundae
Chocolate Crunch
Kit Kat
Milk & Cookies
Brownie Sundae
Chocolate Lovers
Chocolate Raspberry Truffle
Pink Sugar Cookie
Bananas Foster
Milky Way Marvel
Chocolate Covered Candy Cane
Strawberries & Champagne

(*For Full Description of Flavors or other inquiries for special orders, feel free to call 412-254-4295)

Minis: $10 per dozen            Large: $30 per dozen  
Custom Decorations available for extra cost.

6 Inch Round: Start at $30 buttercream, $40 fondant
8 Inch Round: Start at $40 buttercream, $50 fondant
10 Inch Round: Start at $50 buttercream, $60 fondant

Custom Tiered and Carved Cakes are available and are priced per serving.

Cakes are all custom to your event! We never make the same cake twice!

Original/ Flavored Cake Pops $1.75 each / $18 per dozen
***Individually wrapped with your choice ribbon $24 per dozen

Custom/Character cake pops start at $2.25 each/ $24 per dozen
***Individually wrapped with your choice ribbon $30 per dozen

                2016 Valentine’s Day Menu


1.       Valentine Specialty Cake Pops  

a.)     Shaped - $24 per dozen loose in pink box with tissue (“OWL” always love you, “Bee” Mines, “Love” lady bugs, Conversation Hearts, “Bling Bling”, Roses and Diamond Rings)

Individually Wrapped with ribbon $30 per dozen

b.)    Original- $18 per dozen loose in pink box with tissue (round cake pops decorated in hearts, glitter or Valentine’s Day Pinks & Reds)

Individually Wrapped with ribbon $24 per dozen

2.       Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Chocolate Covered Strawberry Gourmet Cupcakes

a.)     Gourmet Chocolate Covered Strawberries (S’mores, Triple Chocolate, Very Vanilla, Valentine, “Bling Bling”, Cookies N’ Cream) $2.75 each / $30 per dozen

b.)    Large Gourmet Cupcakes topped with Chocolate Covered Strawberry (Red Velvet, Chocolate, Almond, Vanilla with choice of white, milk or dark chocolate strawberry) $4.50 each

3.        Character Cupcakes

a.)     Large Gourmet Cupcakes decorated as Love Bugs, Bee Hives, Fondant Conversation Hearts, etc. $3.50 each

4.       Valentine’s Day Tray

a.)     Valentine’s themed tray filled with an assortment of 1 dozen mini cupcakes, 1 dozen cookies and ½ dozen cake pops $28 per tray

5.       Lovers Cakes

a.)     6 inch round cakes (triple chocolate fudge, almond raspberry, red velvet, chocolate strawberry) topped with “Initial” Conjoining Red or Pink Fondant Hearts or Customized Conversation Heart $35 per cake

6.        Mini Cupcakes

a.       Gourmet mini cupcakes in an array of themed flavors per the holiday $10 per dozen

b.       Gourmet mini cupcakes with customized conversation hearts $15 per dozen

In store offerings will include upwards of 15 variety of flavors mini cupcakes, original and shaped cake pops, large character and chocolate dipped strawberries cupcakes, gourmet chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate covered sugar cookies, cookies sandwiches, triple thretzels and more. To ensure large quantities of these items for your sweetheart, children, coworkers, family, etc., please call ahead!!!

*As always, all of our orders are custom, made by hand and from scratch.  All decorations are edible. 

To view pictures of all of our events, please "like" us on Facebook, Le Cupcake Shoppe, "add" us on Facebook, Le Sugar, "follow" us on Instagram, @lecupcakeshoppe and "follow" us on Twitter, @lecupcakeshoppe. XO- love & cupcakes


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